The results of the Euro Area Bank Lending Survey (BLS) for Q3 2010, including Irish results, have been published. The BLS is undertaken on a quarterly basis and provides qualitative information on changes in credit market conditions. The questions distinguish between three categories of loans: loans or credit lines to enterprises, loans to households for house purchase, and consumer credit or other lending to households. The survey is conducted across the euro area and five Irish banks participate. The Irish responses to the October 2010 BLS reflect developments over the third quarter of 2010 and expectations regarding the final quarter of 2010. According to the Central Bank, during the third quarter of 2010, credit standards were unchanged on loans to enterprises and households across all categories examined. The demand for loans from enterprises was more varied with demand from enterprises increasing marginally, demand from households for house purchases decreasing marginally, and demand from households regarding consumer credit and other lending unchanged. Access to wholesale funding markets deteriorated during the third quarter with the exception of the market for credit risk transfer with a further deterioration forecast for the final quarter of 2010.