EMIG (The Ethical Medicines Industry Group) has published its latest Brexit Barometer survey results, showing its members' views and feelings around preparations for Brexit.

The results paint a stark comparison between now and the feelings and concerns that existed a year previously.

The survey, in which 80% of respondents are from businesses that employ 250 people or fewer, showed the following:

  • One in three now believe we are heading towards a 'no-deal' scenario. This has doubled since the year before. Just 15% think there will be a deal with the EU that preserves the status quo, or that will reverse Brexit altogether.
  • 52% have spent over £100,000 on Brexit preparations, with 23% having spent over half a million pounds.
  • 25% have changed the route for importing medicines into the UK.
  • Approximately half are running down their stockpiles that they had built up for March.
  • Most people have found enough warehouse space to store medicines; only 5% say there is not enough.

EMIG is a multi-stakeholder network and trade industry association that represents the interests of the full span of life sciences companies in the UK. Its industry members range from new business start-ups focused on R&D, through to well-established companies delivering a wide range of essential medicines to patients. Its members supply 50% of branded medicines by volume to the NHS.

No Surprises

It is not surprising that pharma has spent a lot of money preparing for Brexit, nor that there has been a big increase in feelings of a 'no-deal' Brexit, given the failure to agree anything in the spring and change in government.