1. MP’s reject May’s withdrawal agreement – what happens next…(BBC)

May’s deal was rejected by 344 votes to 286 and the Government has therefore lost the EU’s deadline to delay Brexit until 22 May. Next steps:

  • Monday, 1 April: MPs hold another set of votes on various Brexit options to see if they can agree on a way forward
  • Wednesday, 10 April: Emergency summit of EU leaders to consider any UK request for further extension-
  • 23-26 May: European Parliamentary elections
  • Friday, 12 April: Brexit day, if UK does not seek/EU does not grant further delay
  • Wednesday, 3 April: Potentially another round of so-called “indicative votes”

2. US and UK markets regulators to co-operate in a no-deal Brexit (FT)

  • Two agreements have been finalised to govern the oversight of markets and the fund management industry in the event of a no-deal Brexit.
  • The Financial Conduct Authority and Securities and Exchange Commission will share information and co-operate in respect of derivatives reporting, credit rating agencies and fund managers.
  • The two agreements are updated versions of existing agreements from 2006 and 2013 and will come into force when the UK leaves the EU.