The European Fund and Asset Management Association’s (EFAMA) latest monthly Industry Fact Sheet, which provides an overview of the net sales and net assets of investment funds domiciled in Europe at month end, was published on 22 October 2015. The data used is gathered from 26 different national associations which reportedly represent more than 98.5 per cent of total UCITS and non-UCITS assets in Europe.

Sharp fall in net sales of UCITS

The statistics show that August saw a significant decline of net sales of UCITS to 9 billion euro following sales of 63 billion euro in July. EFAMA attributed this to outflows from both equity and bond funds in addition to substantially reduced inflows into balanced funds and money market funds. Bernard Delbecque, EFAMA’s Director for Economics and Research, expanded on this by stating his belief that volatile markets triggered the net outflows from equity and bond funds in August.

The net sales figures of special funds (non-UCITS funds reserved to institutional investors) were an exception to the downward trend with sales slightly up from 6.5 billion euro in July to 8.3 billion euro in August.

The total net assets of the European investment fund industry fell by 2.5 percent in the month of August to 12,343 billion.

Click here for a link to the Investment Funds Industry Fact Sheet for August 2015. To view EFAMA’s press release in relation to the fact sheet, click here.