A new regulation has been adopted under which the Federal Service for Ecological, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision (“Rostekhnadzor”) is to monitor the compliance of building owners with the energy-efficiency requirements (the “Regulation”).

The Regulation stipulates that a subject under state supervision must have the proper metering devices installed in a building in order to be in compliance with the energy-efficiency requirements. The Regulation also stipulates that an inspection to check adherence to the energy-efficiency requirements of a building may not exceed 20 working days.

In addition, the Regulation defines:

  • the rights and obligations of the Rostekhnadzor authorities, including to issue orders to eliminate violations and to send inspection materials to the appropriate authorities;
  • the requirements for carrying out state inspections; 
  • the list of administrative procedures; 
  • the procedure and forms of inspection; and
  • the out-of-court (extrajudicial) procedure to appeal decisions and acts of the authorities.

An attachment to the Regulation has the contact information of Rostekhnadzor and the work schedule for state inspection. The Regulation clearly defines the main functions of Rostekhnadzor, as well as the procedure and forms of completing them.

[Order No. 697 of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision of the Russian Federation, dated 12 December 2011; No. 23089 registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, 1 February 2012]