The failure of an arbitration clause to notify a plaintiff consumer that, by entering into the agreement, she was surrendering her right to seek relief in a judicial forum, rendered the arbitration clause unenforceable.  Atalese v. U.S. Legal Servs. Grp., L.P., 99 A.3d 306 (N.J. 2014).  Here, the contract between the consumer and the debt-adjustment service provider contained an arbitration provision for the resolution of any dispute between the parties, but the provision made no mention that plaintiff waived her right to seek relief in court.  The New Jersey Supreme Court found that the absence of any language in the arbitration provision that the plaintiff was waiving her statutory right to seek relief in court renders the provision unenforceable.  The court concluded that an arbitration provision that provides for the surrendering of a constitutional or statutory right must be sufficiently clear to a reasonable consumer.