The regulators of EU Member States are required under the MiFID implementing Regulation to calculate and publish a set of information regarding all shares which are admitted to trading on a regulated market. Members of the Committee of European Securities Regulators (CESR) have collected this information and CESR has published it in the form of a database. The first version of the database was published by CESR on 3 July 2007. On 19 October 2007 CESR published an updated version of the database. On the same date CESR also launched a web service for the database. The web service will provide users with an XML feed for the automatic retrieval of the data. In order to access and test the web service market participants are referred to the updated developers’ guidelines.

CESR is also aware that some market participants have expressed an interest in having additional functionalities and further information in the database. In light of this CESR will undertake a one month public consultation on the potential changes. A consultation document will be published at the start of November 2007. Subject to the scope of the changes CESR aims to have the new functionalities available from March 2008.

View CESR updates the MiFID market transparency database and announces the launch of a web service for users of the data base, 19 October 2007