The National Development and Reform Commission (the “NDRC”) published the Notice on the Organisation and Implementation of the Internet Plus Action, the Creation and Development of Artificial Intelligence and the Major Pilot Projects of Digital Economy in 2018 (the “Notice”) on 11 October 2017. Companies operating projects in the Internet Plus, AI and digital economy sectors are encouraged to file applications with the local NDRCs and other relevant local government authorities for funding and other government supports and benefits.

The three attachments to the Notice described the key areas which the projects should focus on. In particular for AI, the key areas include the industrialisation of deep learning artificial chips, the establishment of open source platforms for deep learning applications, the industrialisation of high-accuracy face recognition systems and high sensitivity speech recognition systems, and the systematic development of intelligent unmanned systems and intelligent robots. Under the overall national strategy for the development of AI, these areas will likely enjoy strong government support and fast growth.

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