Tsar & Tsai Law Firm filed a complaint on behalf of Ashland Licensing and Intellectual Property LLC. (“ASHLAND”) with Science & Technology Law Institute (“Dispute Resolution Service Provider”) to request the transfer to Ashland of four domain names of “Valvoline.com.tw”, “Valvoline.tw”, “zerex.com.tw”, and “zerex.tw” on the bases that: 1. the words contained in the four domain names are the same with the trademarks of “VALVOLINE” and “ZEREX” owned by Ashland, causing confusion to consumers; 2. the registrant of the four domain names (“Registrant”) has no rights or legitimate interests therein; 3. Registrant registered and used the four domain names in bad faith.  The expert designated by Dispute Resolution Service Provider rendered a decision (“Decision”) ordering that the four domain names be transferred to Ashland.  Registrant disagreed with the Decision and filed an  action in respect of such Decision in the Taipei District Court to confirm Registrant’s rights in the four domain names.  Both the Taipei District Court and the Taiwan High Court overruled Registrant’s claim.  The Taiwan High Court opined that Registrant only obtained a right of using the four domain names within a specific period of time, rather than the ownership thereof.  The dates on which Ashland obtained the trademark registrations of “VALVOLINE” and “ZEREX” were earlier than when Registrant registered the four domain names.  In addition, Registrant used the four domain name for selling products, misleading consumers to believe that the websites were established by Ashland or that the products on the websites were directly sold or authorized to be sold by Ashland.  The Court held that since Registrant alleged that it sold Ashland’s products for 30 years, it should have known that the trademarks “VALVOLINE” and “ZEREX” were owned by Ashland.  Given the above, Registrant was found to have registered and used the four domain names in bad faith and had no legitimate interests.  As Registrant did not appeal against the judgment rendered by the Taiwan High Court, the judgment has become final and binding.