According to a news source, while many countries have instituted disclosure obligations on health-care companies, often pharmaceutical and medical-device manufacturers, that provide benefits in kind or cash to health-care professionals, including physicians, India has resisted calls from parliamentary committees, the Medical Council of India and some physicians to adopt transparency requirements. France is apparently the latest country to enact disclosure obligations as part of its Strengthening of Health Protection for Medicinal and Health Products law. It will reportedly apply to all agreements between health-care professionals and companies, such as R&D contracts, contracts for clinical trials or observational studies, consultancy agreements, and reimbursements for the costs of medical and scientific conferences, and to every benefit exceeding €10 in value.

A U.S. law that takes effect in August 2013 will make publically available records of all payments that pharmaceutical, medical device, biological, or medical supply companies make to physicians and other health-care professionals. A public Website will begin posting the data in September 2014. The American Medical Association slated a session during its June 2013 annual conference and prepared a brochure to explain the law’s implications and requirements. See The Times of India, June 10, 2013.