HHS Announces $169 Million to Fund Health Centers

The Department of Health and Human Services announced $169 million in Affordable Care Act funding to establish 266 new health center sites for the delivery of primary healthcare services in 46 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. The Department projects that the new sites will increase access to healthcare services for over 1.2 million patients. This funding is in addition to the $101 million previously awarded to 164 health center sites in May.

CMS Delays Release of Risk Corridor Data

While CMS had planned to publish preliminary estimates of program-wide payments and charges associated with the temporary risk corridor program by August 14, the agency announced it is postponing the release due to data inconsistencies. The risk corridor program was established as one of several mechanisms to spread insurers’ risk for participating in Marketplaces and is set to expire in 2016. CMS acknowledged it had received timely submissions of data from nearly all Marketplace insurers, but required additional time to conduct data validation. The agency did not indicate when it expects to publish the preliminary program results.