The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) reports that it issued the following number of permit determinations for the following specified permit categories in the second quarter of 2014: 99 Title V permitting determinations; 48 federally enforceable state operating permitting determinations; 43 minor source operating permitting determinations; 21 source specific operating agreement determinations; and 30 registration determinations.

IDEM also received the following number of permit applications during this same time frame: 85 Title V Permit Applications; 51 Federally Enforceable Operating Permit Applications; 46 Minor Source Operating Permit Applications; 20 Source Specific Operating Permit Applications; 21 Registration Applications; and 24 applications not yet classified.

IDEM’s Permitting Branch is currently operating with 38 permit writers and has six vacant permit writer positions, seven section chiefs, 10 administrative personnel, two environmental specialists and one branch chief.