The government has issued Action Note PPN 11/16 and revised guidance for steel procurement in major public projects, where steel is a critical component. The PPN and the guidance apply with immediate effect to all Central Government Departments, their Executive Agencies and Non Departmental Public Bodies and the wider public sector (e.g. local authorities and health bodies) can use it in their procurements where appropriate.

Contracting authorities must determine which of their procurements are major projects, as there is no set value for what is major, but major procurement projects are likely to include infrastructure (e.g. rail and roads), construction (e.g. prisons, hospitals, universities, housing, community centres, bridges and schools), flood defences, defence related projects, medical equipment and energy related projects. The relevant organisations are still required to report on compliance with the government’s steel policy through the existing reporting mechanism overseen by the Crown Commercial Service.

The principles in the guidance are also relevant to other materials, to which it could be applied as appropriate.

See: procurement-policy-note-1116-procuring-steel-inmajor-projects-revised-guidance