• Defendant maintains innocence, blames fellow suspect Syakir
  • Corruption Court has never acquitted a defendant before, a lawyer says

Jakarta Corruption Court is scheduled to hand down its verdict on former Pertamina director Suroso Atmomartoyo next Monday (19 October), according to an anti-graft prosecutor involved in this case.

Atmomartoyo, A former director of oil processing at the state-owned oil giant, is on trial for allegedly receiving bribes from US-based additive manufacturer Innospec and its domestic agent Soegih Interjaya to prolong the oil additive procurement contract with Pertamina in 2004-05.

Prosecutors from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) are reportedly demanding a seven-year jail sentence along with a  IDR 250m(USD 18,663) fine, if the former director is found guilty.

According to a news report on the last hearing held on 30 September, Atmomartoyo maintained his innocence and alleged that SoegihInterjaya’s director, Muhammad Syakir, had been responsible for implicating him in the graft scheme.

During the trial the KPK prosecutors produced various incriminating evidence including bank transfer forms and hotel bills, as PaRR previously reported.

A total sum of USD 190,000 was transferred from bank accounts apparently belonging to both Innospec Asia and Soegih Interjaya, to an account under Atmomartoyo’s name. The hotel bills also indicated that an Innospec executive allegedly paid for Atmomartoyo’s stay in London in April 2005. 

Atmomartoyo, however, reportedly alleged in evidence to the court that Syakir had surreptitiously used his name and forged his signature to open the bank accounts and booked the trip to London to make it appear as if Soegih Interjaya was bribing officials at Pertamina.

In his recent testimony, Syakir reportedly admitted his guilt and has been identified as the third suspect in this case, according to media reports.

The case against Syakir is still being handled by the KPK’s investigation team and they are currently questioning witnesses to better understandSyakir’s involvement, the KPK prosecutor told PaRR. No date has yet been set for the commencement of his trial at the Corruption Court, he added.

Soegih Interjaya’s owner, Willy Sebastian Liem, has begun serving his three-year sentence starting in early August this year for his involvement in sanctioning the bribes. 

Liem’s attorney during his trial, Palmer Situmorang, remarked during a hearing that the Corruption Court has never acquitted any defendant indicted by the KPK. Situmorang also added in Liem’s defense that Syakir had concocted the bribery ploy in order to extract higher commissions from Innospec, as PaRR previously reported.

Atmomartoyo’s legal representatives are led by Jonas Sihaloho of HSP Partners. The case is registered in the district court of Central Jakarta as case No 46/PID.SUS/TPK/2015/PN JKT.PST.