Main aspects


The Secretariat of Civil Aviation (SAC) recently closed Public Consultation 1/2014, which relates to the draft ordinance approving the General Airport Infrastructure Concession Plan.

Interested parties had until May 16 2014 to submit comments.

The proposed plan aims to establish guidelines and models for the operation of public airports in accordance with the National Civil Aviation Policy, which replaces SAC Ordinance 110/2013.

Main aspects

The main goals of the plan are as follows:

  • Use funds from the National Civil Aviation Fund in order to:
    • renovate and construct runways;
    • improve passenger terminals;
    • expand aprons; and
    • overhaul signalling systems and tarmacs.
  • Align public policies for airport privatisation with the regional aviation support programme. Through this programme – recently announced by President Dilma Rousseff – the federal government has begun investing in regional airport infrastructure in order to ensure universal access to regular air transport;
  • Define and disseminate public policy guidelines adopted by the SAC in its decisions regarding:
    • the selection of the most suitable operating model for each airport; and
    • the introduction of rules for the planning of federal, state and municipal institutions responsible for the development of civil aviation; and
  • Establish criteria that the SAC will consider when analysing processes relating to concessions for the privatisation of airports delegated to states and municipalities, which require the SAC's prior approval.


The president recently confirmed that regional airports located in the state of Minas Gerais will be the focus of investment. The announcement was made on April 7 2014, during the execution of the concession agreement for Tancredo Neves International Airport in Belo Horizonte. Below is an extract from the president's speech:

"I also want to stress here that we are investing in this regional airports process to ensure the construction of a regional travel network also and, therefore, the government is willing to structure a process in which subsidies are used to ensure that there are airports around Brazil, especially here in Minas Gerais, where we are planning 33 regional airports to be supported with this global airport policy. So, our policy is clear: we will invest in partnerships, will make urgent and necessary investments to the country through the concessions, and we will also focus on regional airports."

This proposal is part of a series of measures that the federal government has adopted in order to encourage investment in the modernisation of national airport infrastructure, including the involvement of state governments and, perhaps in the future, municipal governments.

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