Just when you think you’ve heard it all. An architect sues for breach of contract and copyright infringement, and the owner files a motion to stay the lawsuit pending arbitration. The architect’s opposition? That the owner’s breach is so “obvious” and the architect’s claim is so strong, the court should refrain from ordering them to arbitrate. Seriously. The federal court judge, allowing the motion to stay, noted that “the strength of a case is not relevant in determining the proper forum.” The existence of the arbitration clause was not disputed, and so the parties must proceed to arbitration. The lawsuit has also been stayed for other defendants, not signatory to the arbitration clause, where those claims are dependent on the outcome of the arbitration. Even if that outcome is a foregone conclusion, per the plaintiff. The case is Eberhard Architects, LLC v. Bogart Architecture, Inc., 2014 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 161438 (N.D. Ohio, Nov. 17, 2014).