On May 15, CFTC Commissioner Rostin Behnam spoke at Energy Risk USA in Houston. The remarks covered Commissioner Behnam’s thoughts on the CFTC’s enforcement program and some of the trends in the prosecution of spoofing cases and matters involving supervisory duties and third-party service providers. Commissioner Behnam highlighted the aggressive and coordinated enforcement approach between the CFTC and the Department of Justice in prosecuting spoofing cases, as well as the new Spoofing Task Force to coordinate efforts internally across the Enforcement offices in Washington, New York, Chicago, and Kansas City. In addition, Commissioner Behnam discussed the CFTC’s increased effective use of data, noting that CFTC Enforcement is utilizing CFTC data, analytics, and forensics and leveraging the tools utilized by self-regulatory organizations like CME Group to monitor for and detect conduct and patterns typical of spoofing and other manipulative behaviors. Commissioner Behnam also pointed to failures by companies and individuals to use technologies to detect, deter, and otherwise generally supervise those for whom they are responsible. According the Commissioner Behnam, “The Commission is working hard to identify and prosecute individual traders who engage in spoofing as well as individuals who teach others how to spoof, who build the tools designed to spoof, or who otherwise aid and abet the wrongdoing.”