The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has introduced a proposal, which if implemented, will significantly simplify the procedure for national phase and regional phase entries of PCT applications. Currently several patent prosecution highways (PPH) exist by which prosecution and grant in one country is given due respect to an invention parallely filed in another country which participates in the highway but these are bilateral arrangements and WIPO is suggesting a multilateral universal arrangement for all signatories to the PCT. What WIPO is suggesting is in a small way implemented within Europe where a single patent application is filed at the European Patent Office and is prosecuted until grant and then validation is effected in the designated countries after grant on the basis of selection by the patent applicant. In the system proposed by WIPO, there will be a central hub for filing of national phase PCT applications in one location. WIPO suggests a single payment gateway available to both applicants and agents. The main issue that we see in WIPO’s proposal is the significant differences in patent laws in different jurisdictions. For instance, methods of treatment of disease, business methods, patent applications claiming second medical use, are all thorny issues which need to be ironed out and this can happen only if there is harmonization of patent laws amongst countries. We, therefore, submit that unless this patent harmonization takes place, filing of a single patent application at the national phase stage is currently not feasible.