The House of Commons held a debate on the effect of the UK leaving the EU on financial and other professional services and issued a statement providing information on the UK government's current position on the passporting, freedom of movement and transitional arrangements in relation to financial services and Brexit. The statement referred to comments made by Mark Garnier on passporting, as reported in last week’s Legal Shorts, namely the fact that the government wanted a better version of equivalence that might necessitate having to accept future EU regulations, and said that Mr Garnier was not correct on this matter and that passporting and access to EU markets was one of the key areas under negotiation. In the meantime, the Supreme Court has granted permission for the government's application to appeal the High Court's judgment that the government did not have the power under the Royal prerogative to trigger Article 50 and the appeal has been listed for 5 to 8 December 2016 with judgment anticipated to follow "probably in the New Year".