If your answer to the question “Do you know where your domains are?” is “No,” don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone.

Domain names are inexpensive and easy to register, so it can be nearly impossible to enforce a consistent domain name acquisition strategy across your organization, especially one that serves to strengthen your IP portfolio.

A multitude of problems surrounding domain management can arise for a number of reasons:

  • Domains registered by different people across an organization. Domain names for your brands may have been registered to individuals in different parts of your organization — your marketing department or your IT team — and then never updated to a centralized management system. You can recover from this, but what happens when those employees leave the company? Even if you know those domains exist, you may have no way of ensuring that they will be renewed on time since the person who left the company is, most likely, the recipient of any renewal notices. This is the most common reason why important domain registrations expire and it can end up being the source of an expensive business disruption.


  • Names registered by third parties. Third party domain registrants may include marketing agencies, licensed partners and resellers, or even cybersquatters. How do you uncover domains registered by third parties? How do you monitor them for infringement and ensure they are in compliance with licensing agreements? Whether the usage of a third party-registered domain is legitimate or not, these domains can still cause headaches for domain managers and IP practitioners alike.  


  • Domains are often managed as IT assets. Many organization view domains as an IT asset rather than intellectual property, when in fact, they are If you can’t map your domain acquisition and management strategy against your trademark portfolio, then you can’t properly manage IP risk. Those risks often stay hidden until conflicts force an unplanned reaction.

The goal of any domain management strategy should be to have the ability to secure and protect your intellectual property online. You can do this if you have the right tools to proactively research the domain space and make smart decisions that drive real value.

Corsearch Domain Management enables brand owners and legal teams to centralize and strengthen domain name portfolio monitoring and protection. By providing a clear view into your domain assets and related risks, we make it easy to forge a secure domain management strategy.