On February 23, 2015, the PRA and FCA published a joint consultation paper on: (i) the approaches to non-executive directors in banking and certain insurance firms; and (ii) the application of the presumption of responsibility to   senior managers in banking firms. The consultation revises the proposed approach of the regulators to NEDs in UK banks, PRA-designated investment firms as well as certain insurance firms, such that only certain specified NEDs are subject to pre-approval and inclusion in the Senior Managers Regime. The specified NEDs would be: (i) chairman; (ii) chair of the risk committee; (iii) chair of the audit committee; (iv) chair of the remuneration committee; (v) chair of the nomination committee; and (vi) senior independent director. This narrows down the scope of the SMR, the new system that aims to better define the lines of responsibility at financial institutions so that senior individuals in banks can be held to account more easily. The paper also consults on a draft PRA supervisory statement, with the aim of clarifying the responsibilities of NEDs that are in scope of the SMR and explaining how the presumption of responsibility will be applied in cases of non-compliance with regulatory requirements. The consultation closes on April 27, 2015.

The consultation is available at: