Hillary Clinton made a press statement yesterday, claiming that she used her own email account instead of the U.S. State Department’s official email account, because it was more convenient for her to just use a single device to send both personal and government emails.

Notwithstanding technical solutions to overcome her desire to avoid using two devices to access two different email accounts, Ms. Clinton’s statement clearly illustrates the most serious hindrance to implementing Information Governance – convenience. People are forever looking for ways to make their busy lives easier. Anything that adds to their workload is frowned up.

However, this does not mean that Information Governance should be dispensed with. Rather, it means that the way Information Governance is currently being implemented needs to be improved. This will happen, just as mobile phones have become easier to use (remember those 5 pound brick cell phones). Whether it happens sooner or later will depend on how motivated and creative Information Governance professionals can be.