The European Commission (EC) has revised its regulation implementing the Rotterdam Convention to require informed consent for export of certain hazardous chemicals and pesticides, aligning it with the regulations governing the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Substances (REACH). Regulation No. 649/2012 applies a prior informed consent requirement to exports of more than 110 specific chemicals versus the 43 listed in the Rotterdam Convention.  

Under the new rules, pre-export notices from exporting countries and explicit consent from importing countries will be sent and received through the EC. No pre-export consent will be required if the chemical has been approved for use by the importing country or, in some circumstances, if it has been imported into the receiving country within the past five years. The new regulation also establishes provisions for shipment tracking, information requirements for exported chemicals, provisions for sharing information among member countries, and a requirement to monitor and report activities by member countries and the commission’s implementing agency. The new regulation takes effect March 1, 2014, and on that date will repeal existing regulation No. 689/2008.