Connecticut-based Local 42 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers employs clerical workers who belong to the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees union. According to the clericals, who went on strike in November, the IBEW is anti-union and was acting badly – just like an employer. According to the president of the clerical workers' union, quoted in the Journal Inquirer, the IBEW "outsource[d] bargaining unit work to a non-union supervisor," and cut one employee's pay by $15.44 an hour. "I think it's a shame that Local 42 has decided to treat their employees in this way," the AFSCME local president was quoted as saying. "You can't claim to be an advocate for working people and, at the same time, seek to outsource work and significantly reduce your employees' pay." In the leadup to the strike, the clerical workers' union apparently filed an unfair labor practice charge against the IBEW, claiming "anti-union animus." Can that be right? Maybe these clericals would be happier working for a nicer employer – maybe one that isn't a union.