The third issues paper from the Law Commissions of England and Scotland considers the relationships between intermediaries, insureds and insurers. The main area of concern once again is the position of consumers who may be unaware of the principles of agency and prejudiced by mistakes of intermediaries who are deemed to be acting on their behalf. To meet this, the Commissions propose that the intermediary should be regarded as the insurer’s agent for the purpose of obtaining pre-contractual information where they are single tied and multi tied agents. This should not affect commercial insurance which is usually placed through independent brokers. When completing a proposal form, they propose that an intermediary who is acting as agent for the insurer should remain as its agent when completing the form. To protect the insured still further, where they sign the proposal form, it is suggested that the present rule that the insured will be bound by the information provided should be changed to allow the insured to adduce evidence concerning their state of mind when signing. This could complicate matters considerably for insurers and is likely to be resisted.