The Labor Department has posted processing times as of July 31 for prevailing wage determination requests.

PWD Processing: As of July 31, the National Prevailing Wage Center was processing requests filed in May and earlier for H-1B and PERM cases. Redeterminations and Center Director Reviews were also being conducted on appeals filed in May and earlier for both H-1B and PERM cases.

The average times for issuance of prevailing wage determinations in July were as follows:

  • H-1B – 82 days (OES), 77 days (non-OES).
  • PERM – 82 days (OES), 77 days (non-OES).

PERM processing: The Labor Department has not yet posted new PERM processing times. As of June 30, applications filed in April and earlier were being adjudicated. Audit reviews were being conducted on applications filed in December and earlier, and appeals filed in May and earlier were being reviewed for reconsideration.

The Labor Department reports PERM and prevailing wage determination processing timeframes on its iCERT page.