On October 9, the United States District Court for the Southern District of California denied Nordstrom's motion to dismiss in a class action alleging that price tags at the retailer's Nordstrom Rack locations were misleading in violation of California false advertising laws. The complaint in Branca v. Nordstrom, Inc. alleged that price tags on clothing sold at Nordstrom Rack locations contained deceptive "Compare At" prices, which implied that the clothing items were more deeply discounted than they actually were. In its motion to dismiss, Nordstrom argued that the plaintiff lacked standing to represent the class because the class was comprised of people who had bought items of clothing from Nordstrom Rack that the plaintiff had not himself purchased. The district court rejected this argument, reasoning that "the differences across the products are of little import to the alleged misrepresentations," which related primarily to the "consistent format of the tags, i.e., the juxtaposition of two prices, one higher than the other, the term 'Compare At' and a percentage, labeled '% Savings.'" The district court also noted that "all of the products are marketed to the same consumers, Nordstrom Rack shoppers."