Amnesty Program in Place Through 2014

Be advised that in-house attorneys throughout the state of Illinois must be admitted to the Illinois Bar under Illinois Supreme Court Rule 716. In the event that anyone on your legal team is not admitted to the bar, the Illinois Supreme Court and the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission are running an amnesty program through the end of 2014. The program will allow your in-house lawyers to register without facing discipline or ARDC investigation for unauthorized practice, and without having to pay arrears for licensing fees or make up CLE credits.

Registration is $1,250 with an additional $1,250 penalty and the attorney will have to comply with CLE and other requirements going forward.

What This Means To You

Registration, though occasionally overlooked, is critical, as there have been cases where the attorney/client privilege has been challenged based on in-house counsel not having a valid license in the state in which they were practicing.