Additionally, on June 2, the DOL asked the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to hold the DOL’s appeal of a judge’s order blocking the Persuader Rule in abeyance. In March 2016, the DOL published a revised Persuader Rule that required attorneys involved in union organizational campaigns to file broad public disclosures about their own and their law firm’s compensation related to these efforts. Traditionally, only an attorney’s direct communication with a client’s employees regarding union activity had to be reported, but the new rule expanded the disclosure requirements to advice that “indirectly persuades” a client’s employees regarding union organizing or collective bargaining, even if no direct contact occurred. The revised rule was barred by a permanent injunction in November 2016, which the DOL appealed at the time. This action comes on the heels of Secretary Acosta discussing his intention to rescind the Persuader Rule in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal (click here for summary).