In an per curium order handed down on May 1, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit granted an uncontested motion brought by the CFPB seeking to revise the order of the oral arguments in the upcoming PHH Corp. v. CFPB hearing before the en banc court. With all briefing on the merits having been submitted, the case awaits oral arguments, which have been set for May 24. The Bureau sought to change the order of arguments such that the CFPB presented its argument last—after both PHH and the DOJ. In seeking a change in scheduling order, the CFPB argued that the original schedule—pursuant to which the DOJ would go last—did not afford the Bureau an opportunity to respond to the DOJ’s arguments. The Court’s May 1 Order, having granted the Bureau’s Motion, provides for the following argument order:

  • Petitioners (PHH Corp.) – 30 minutes
  • Amicus Curiae United States – 10 minutes
  • Respondent (CFPB) – 30 minutes

Also, note that the CFPB’s motion agrees-in-advance to PHH to likewise respond to both the DOJ and CFPB, should it wish to do so.

As previously discussed in InfoBytes, the once-cooperative relationship between the CFPB and the DOJ recently turned adverse after the Sessions-led DOJ presented arguments in its latest briefing that differed markedly from both the CFPB’s positions and from the arguments asserted in briefing submitted by the Obama Administration in December 2016. For additional background, please see our recent PHH Corp. v CFPB Case Update.