You may have seen from our previous article entitled ‘Register of persons with significant control: Who’s in charge?’ that changes are being made to the way in which companies update the public register held by Companies House. We have outlined below some further information on those changes.

Confirmation Statements

From 30th June 2016, companies will no longer be required to file an ‘annual return’ at Companies House and instead will be obliged to file a ‘confirmation statement’ at least once within any 12 month period. The confirmation statement will roughly serve the same purpose as an annual return by providing the public register with up to date information on the company.

However, the main difference is that a company will now simply be able to ‘check and confirm’ the information already held at Companies House is correct and up to date, rather than necessarily repeat the information. If you do, however, need to update your company’s shareholder information, change its SIC code or amend its statement of capital, you will be able to do this within the confirmation statement (although there will remain certain company information that cannot be updated via the confirmation statement and will, therefore, necessitate separate filings).

When filing your company’s confirmation statement you will also need to include the information held on your PSC register (in relation to which, please see our previous article referred to above).

Filing of Confirmation Statements

It will cost £13.00 to e-file a confirmation statement and £40.00 to paper file. The fee only needs to be paid once a year and will cover a 12 month period during which time you can file multiple confirmation statements.

The filing date for your confirmation statement will be the same date as the current filing date for your annual return and the statement has to be filed within 14 days of this date (this grace period has been reduced from 28 days previously). If you do not file your confirmation statement within this time it is a criminal offence.