Gregorio Hernandez-Castilla of Indianapolis, Indiana, was sentenced recently to 41 months in prison after pleading guilty to conspiring to operate an interstate prostitution ring with his two brothers. The prosecution was the result of an extensive investigation by multiple law enforcement agencies.  

The three brothers headed the Hernandez-Castilla criminal organization, which had been operating for a number of years in the Indianapolis area, largely under the direction of Jose Luis Hernandez-Castilla. The brothers would acquire women to act as prostitutes, on many occasions smuggling them into the United States from Mexico and Central America. Once here, many were often without any means of support, and thus would engage in prostitution to pay off debts they owed the brothers for subsidizing their entry into the country.

The organization operated almost exclusively within the Hispanic community, the Department of Homeland Security reported, advertising its services through the distribution of business cards bearing advertisements and telephone numbers for auto repair or western wear outfitters.