Delegated authority provisions approved for DCMs. The CFTC announced that it has adopted final rules delegating authority to its staff to notify each designated contract market annually of whether it is a “covered DCM.” This annual notice will also notify each DCM of its percentage of the total annual trading volume among all DCMs regulated by the CFTC. These final rules will be effective upon their publication in the Federal Register. (9/26/2017)

DMO provides additional relief from reporting obligations for reporting parties. The CFTC announced that its Division of Market Oversight issued a no-action letter extending current relief and providing additional relief to reporting parties from reporting obligations as required by the ownership and control reports final rule. (9/25/2017)

CFTC plans to encourage companies and individuals to self-report wrongdoing. CFTC Director of Enforcement James McDonald said during a speech at New York University that the agency plans to encourage companies and individuals to report their own wrongdoing and cooperate with investigators in return for lesser penalties. McDonald noted that the CFTC’s new “cooperation and selfreporting” enforcement program will focus on preventing white-collar crime by giving companies and individuals incentives to voluntarily comply with the law. (9/25/2017) Reuters.

Office of Data and Technology Improves Online Filing Portal for CFTC Form 40. The Office of Data and Technology announced its launch of an improved online filing portal for submitting CFTC Form 40 that addresses industry concerns. (9/19/2017)