In the case of R.T. Vanderbilt Company, Inc. v. Harford Accident and Indemnity Company, the Connecticut Court of Appeals addressed several issues of first impression concerning asbestos liabilities of a talc manufacturer. The plaintiff, Vanderbilt, produced industrial talc through its subsidiary Gouverneur Talc Company beginning in 1948 until 2008. The Connecticut Court of Appeals as a matter of first impression applied the “continuous trigger” rule for coverage by which every insurance policy in effect from the date a claimant is first exposed to asbestos until the date when the claim manifests is at risk for defense and liability costs. Notwithstanding this ruling in favor of the insured, the Court ruled that a particular policy at issue excluded claims of occupational disease brought not only by employees of the insured but other employees of third parties who were exposed to its products. This case is one to watch for an appeal to the Connecticut Supreme Court.