On Tuesday, Governor Pence signed into law Senate Bill 262, a bill we’ve been following for some time.  The bill would allow pharmacists to substitute an interchangeable biosimilar drug for a prescribed brand-name product.  For more information regarding the details of the bill, see our previous blog post here.

The law received strong support from both sides of the aisle.  The law’s proponents—such as the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) and the Indiana Health Industry Forum (IHIF)—claim that the law properly preserves patient access to accurate prescription information, maintains incentives for innovation, and promotes a competitive market for biologic therapies.  Advocates also tout the transparency of the process established by the law.  Detractors, for their part, express skepticism over interchangeable biologics, noting that even slight changes to a biologic (e.g. different manufacturing process) can yield completely different properties.

What do you think?  Will the law provide improved access to affordable biologics and greater consumer choice to Hoosiers, or do interchangeable biologics represent an unknown health risk?