The Swedish Competition Authority (‘’SCA’’) has decided to discontinue the investigation of the supposed anti-competitive cooperation between the two trade associations Svenska Bokhandlarförening (‘’SVB’’) and Svenska Föreläggareförening (‘’SVF’’). In December 2012, SVF and SVB announced that they were planning a cooperation consisting of a statistical compilation of information on the website of Bokrondellen, a database containing information such as prices, releases and stock from all Swedish publishers. Initially, the cooperation was intended to consist of a daily exchange of detailed information of e.g. prices and sales volume per municipality. During the SCA’s investigation, the parties agreed to alter the cooperation to instead consist of information to be made available less frequently and which would be broken down into five major regions rather than by municipality. In its decision to discontinue the investigation, the SCA took into account the nature of the information, the market structure, barriers to entry, the novelty of the disclosed information, and the nature of the products in question. Source: The Swedish Competition Authority’s press release 21/11/2013