The ACCC has decided to allow seven dairy farmers from Manning Valley in NSW to collectively bargain with Woolworths and Milk2Market for 3 years. A group of seven dairy farmers in the Manning Valley area in NSW propose to collectively negotiate the terms and conditions of raw milk supply agreements to be entered into between each of the participants and Woolworths and an agreement which deals with the obligations of the parties to work cooperatively to meet Woolworth's requirements. It is proposed that a representative of the participants will negotiate the terms and conditions of the supply agreements with Woolworths and/or its agent, Milk2Market. It is also proposed that the participants may collectively negotiate with and sell milk to Milk2Market. The ACCC noted that any impact on competition will be limited as participation in the arrangement is voluntary for the dairy farmers, Woolworths, and Milk2Market. Additionally, the volume of milk to be supplied is relatively small compared to the total volume produced in the surrounding mid-coast region of NSW.