Ministry of Finance announced that Serbia will release its first saving bonds on 27 December 2017. The saving bonds will be available for purchase until 11 December 2017 at the state-owned bank Poštanska Štedionica.

Saving bonds represent a long term affordable financial instrument, with an investment minimum of RSD 2.000 for dinars-dominated bonds and EUR 100 for euro-dominated bonds. The saving bonds will mature in the period between two and ten years, with coupons between 1 and 4% for euro-dominated bonds and between 4 and 6,25% for dinars-dominated saving bonds.

The total value of saving bonds is 12 billion RSD and EUR 80 million. Each domestic citizen is allowed to acquire up to 5.000 dinars-dominated and 500 euro-dominated saving bonds. Saving bonds will be allocated in accordance to the priority principle – investors who apply first to purchase the saving bonds will have priority in acquiring them.