A consumer has filed a putative class action in a Florida federal court alleging that three products manufactured by Purity First and Mira Health were falsely advertised because they contain undisclosed and “extremely harmful” anabolic steroids. Morales v. Purity First Health Prods., Inc., No. 14-587 (U.S. Dist. Ct., N.D. Fla., filed November 3, 2014). According to the complaint, several Healthy Life Chemistry supplements contain Dimethazine and Dimethyltestosterone as well as Methasterone, which the Drug Enforcement Administration has apparently classified as a Schedule III controlled substance. These steroids, the plaintiff argues, can cause a variety of side effects, including kidney failure, increased risk of stroke and heart attack, unusual hair growth, and short stature in children.

The complaint cites the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s 2013 consumer warning, which stated that the agency had received 29 adverse incident reports related to Healthy Life Chemistry B-50, Multi-Mineral and Vitamin C. Purity Life and Mira Health later initiated a nationwide recall of specific product lots. The plaintiff alleges deceptive and unfair trade practices, false advertising, breach of express and implied warranties, negligence, and unjust enrichment, and seeks class certification, a declaratory judgment, an injunction, damages, and a corrective advertising campaign.