Will 2016 will be the year of impact investment?  When does impact investment become a household name?  When more and more investors want to be part of the trend? From its creation in 2008, impact investment follows social entrepreneurs who are on the increase.  Let’s encourage, support and push today’s corporations to keep moving toward socially responsible investment, corporate social responsibility, and impact investment.

Why limit your goals to achieving a positive bottom line, when you can go for a triple bottom line – financial success and a positive impact on social needs and environmental concerns.

Fields of activity are incredibly diverse.  Just a few examples are:

  • Healthcare
  • Clean air and water
  • Clean energy, renewable energy and conservation
  • Medicine and medical innovation
  • Advancement of minorities and women
  • Economic development
  • Education
  • Microfinance
  • Accessible technology including for senior citizens or populations with disabilities
  • Sustainable agriculture, goods and development

Social businesses have one common theme: make money and do good – create social value.

The words are nice, but the real stories behind the companies creating social change are fantastic.