Effective September 21, 2015, housekeeping amendments were made to make the TSX Rule Book and the Alpha Trading Policy Manual consistent with amendments to the Universal Market Integrity Rules by (UMIR) by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada(IIROC).

The amendments to the TSX Rule Book and the Alpha Trading Policy Manual follow related amendments to the order protection rule by the CSA and IIROC on June 12, 2015 which seek to accommodate trading on unprotected lit marketplaces.

As a result of the OSC's approval of amendments to the Alpha Trading Policy Manual pertaining to the speed bump, the Alpha Exchange will be the first exchange that displays orders that will not be considered to be protected from a trade-through under the Order Protection Rule according to the OSC.

For further information, please consult both of the Ontario Securities Commission's Notices of Housekeeping Rule Amendments.