Standards Australia has cancelled all further development of the draft AS 11000: General Conditions of Contract and confirmed that AS 11000 will not be released.

At this stage, it is unclear whether Standards Australia has any future plans to revive the AS 11000 development process.

Why was it abandoned?

Despite Standards Australia’s aspirations to produce a document that was more ‘user friendly’ and provided a more balanced approach to risk allocation than the widely used AS 2124 and AS 4000 documents, Standards Australia has concluded that AS 11000 is not the answer as it ‘was not supported by the full spectrum of interests’.

What is the consequence?

As a result of the cessation of work on the AS 11000, both AS 2124-1992 and AS 4000-1997 will remain in use (and will no doubt continue to be heavily amended by their users to suit their particular requirements).

Whilst there are no plans to further develop AS 11000 at present, Standards Australia have acknowledged that any determination on the future of the AS 11000 would require greater stakeholder representation and consultation.

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