If you’re developing strategies to help navigate the securitization industry, CSC’s inaugural Securitization Pulse Report provides insights that can help.

Our research study in conjunction with GlobalCapital—a top news, opinion, and data service dedicated to international capital markets—is unique in that it provides a comprehensive view of the securitization industry across regions and asset classes. From interviewing more than 150 key industry leaders, the general consensus is that confidence remains high despite a declining credit cycle.

Unique in the industry, this report delivers predictions into asset classes that are expected to drive growth, liquidity and pricing, the challenges they face, the greatest concerns around securitization regulations, and more.  Some interesting takeaways include:

  • 50% of respondents are bullish on non-bank lending over the next 12 months compared to just 28% for bank lending
  • European respondents consider “Regulations” as the greatest challenge facing the industry while the US considers “Fear of Recession”
  • CLOs offer the greatest value across asset classes as cited by both US and Europe participants

Find out more by downloading the free report now.