On April 3, 2009, Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois issued an executive order, Executive Order No. 9, rescinding the pay-to-play executive order of Governor Blagojevich, Executive Order No. 3 (2008).

Although this action lowers the level of pay-to-play risk in Illinois, it does not eliminate the risk, for the pay-to-play restrictions contained in Public Act 095-0971 remain in force, including the registration requirement for entities holding or seeking contracts with state agencies with a value in excess of $50,000 in the aggregate in a calendar year. More information on the statutory pay-to-play requirements can be found at www.wileyrein.com/docs/newsletter_issues/636.pdf. Moreover, the Illinois legislature is currently considering several proposals for more universal regulation of pay-to-play issues, some of which are based upon the recommendations of the Illinois Reform Commission.