On 7 December the Department for Communities and Local Government announced a consultation on the first ever major proposed changes to the NPPF. The consultation covers:

  • broadening the definition of affordable housing to expand the range of low cost housing opportunities;
  • increasing the density of development around commuter hubs to make more efficient use of land in suitable locations;
  • supporting sustainable new settlements, development on brownfield land and small sites; and delivery of housing agreed in Local Plans;
  • supporting delivery of starter homes; and
  • transitional arrangements.

Yesterday, the Communities and Local Government Committee announced that it will be holding an inquiry into the Government’s National Planning Policy consultation. The Committee is seeking evidence from interested parties on the following points:

  • The proposals in the consultation affecting green belt land
  • Consequences of changes to the definition of affordable housing
  • The housing delivery test and its implications
  • Proposals on the use for housing of commercial land and developments
  • Other proposals in the consultation and
  • The timing and length of the consultation

Clive Betts MP, the Chair of the Communities and Local Government Committee, has said: “The Government’s consultation represents the first changes to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). As a Committee, we want to examine the proposed changes to the Green Belt, the definition of affordable housing, and the impact on local decision-making from proposed measures such as the housing delivery test.”

The deadline for written submissions to the Communities and Local Government Committee’s inquiry is 11 January 2016 and any interested parties can make written submission via this link