Maintaining hygienic and sanitised conditions at home and the workplace requires of us to use detergents and anti-bacterial products, all of which contain a range of chemicals. The question is; are the chemicals that are employed to disinfect and clean not causing more harm to us and the environment, than the good that they are intended to produce?

Many of the ingredients in cleaning products are harsh chemicals that introduce toxic substances to our skin through contact, our respiratory system through inhalation and our environment through chemically laden water run-off. Add to that, the antibacterial ingredients in detergents contribute to the proliferation of super-bugs and antibiotic resistant germs.

Green cleaning involves using substances that are both safe and effective. These products are bio-degradable, fragrance free, low-suds (there is less foam and consequently, a reduction in energy and water use), plant-based, concentrated and sustainably packaged. Also look out for products that can be refilled.

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