The OFT received, on 24 July 2009, a super-complaint from the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) relating to the supply of beer in pubs.

The super-complaint submitted by CAMRA (called 'A Fair Share for the Consumer') states that high pub rents and 'tied' beer prices are driving many pub landlords out of business. CAMRA alleges that these practices are contributing to the destruction of Britain's pubs through pub closures and under-investment in pub facilities. CAMRA states that more than seven pubs close every day. In the super-complaint CAMRA has asked the OFT to look at concerns regarding the beer-supply and pub-landlord industry, including the impact of the operation of supply ties within the UK pub industry.

The OFT is currently considering the issues raised in the super-complaint, in order to establish whether any feature, or combination of features, in a relevant market is or appears to be significantly harming the interests of consumers. The OFT will publish a response to the complaint within 90 days.