On 26 March 2018, Costa Rica notified the WTO’s Committee on Safeguards that it publicized on 19 March 2018 an initiation of a safeguard investigation on imports of bars of steel for the reinforcement of concrete. In the notification Costa Rica indicated, among other things, as follows (excerpt from a provisional English translation):

” i) Presentation of evidence and submission of comments

… [T]he parties will have 10 working days … counted from the notification of the beginning of the investigation, to present written submissions and any document of defense that they consider pertinent.

Likewise, they will have 3 working days, counted from the last notification of the beginning of the investigation, to file an appeal under … the General Law of the Costa Rican Public Administration.

… [T]he parties will have 45 calendar days, counted from the day following the notification of the request for information …, to provide evidence.

ii) Deadlines and procedure for Members and exporters to identify themselves as interested parties

… [A] period of 8 working days, counted as of its publication in the Official Gazette, is granted to anyone who considers itself an interested party in the proceeding to appear before the Investigating Authority … “

Further information is available in G/SG/N/6/CRI/4 (currently available only in Spanish).