The Government's advisers on migration, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), are inviting employers, businesses and various other interested parties to submit views and evidence to inform the debate about future EU migration arrangements.

MAC has published a list of questions for respondents to answer. The deadline to submit a response is 27 October 2017.


The MAC has been commissioned by the UK Government to report on the economic and social impacts of Brexit and how the UK's immigration system should be aligned with a modern industrial industry. EU nationals make up approximately 7% of the UK workforce and so it's easy to see why the UK needs to do its homework in this regard.

The purpose of the call for evidence is to help inform the MAC report. It is anticipated that the recommendations in MAC's final report will influence the UK's immigration system post-Brexit. Put simply, this is a big deal.

Call for evidence: questions

The questions cover three areas:

  • EEA migration trends: this includes questions about the types of jobs EEA workers perform and skill levels and how this differs from UK and non-EEA workers, and any assessments of the impact of a possible reduction in the availability of EEA workers as part of the workforce.
  • Recruitment practices, training and skills: questions address the methods of recruitment used to employ EEA workers and whether these methods have changed following the Brexit referendum (amongst other things).
  • Economic, social and fiscal impacts: questions seek to gather evidence regarding the economic, social and fiscal costs and benefits of EEA migration to the UK economy.

Submitting evidence to MAC

You can send your responses to the MAC Secretariat at: