Globalstar, a competitor against Iridium and Inmarsat in the mobile satellite service (MSS) sector, warned in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing this week that worsening rates of degradation affecting its low earth orbit satellites could impact the company’s ability to offer uninterrupted service “some time in 2008.” Shares in Globalstar, which began operations in 1999, plunged 28% as a result of the news. According to Globalstar, many of the company’s satellites are experiencing degraded performance of amplifiers used in its S-band satellite communications antennae. Although technicians are working to correct the problem, Globalstar acknowledged that, “unless remedied . . . this will have a significant adverse impact on the company’s ability to provide uninterrupted two-way voice and data services on a continuous basis in any given location.” Noting that Globalstar currently holds an 80% share of the North American market for MSS handsets, one analyst predicted that the MSS market could face major upheaval between 2008 and 2010, when Globalstar is planning to launch a new satellite constellation.